Share the love with ADEC


Whether you're preparing to exchange vows for the first time or celebrating a milestone anniversary, why not share some of that love with ADEC?

At ADEC. we work to make sure every individual we serve enjoys a sense of family — just like the one you are celebrating with your marriage.

Unfortunately, many of the individuals we serve at ADEC have faced abuse and neglect — sometimes at the hands of their own family members. But ADEC protects individuals from those situations and makes sure they are treated with dignity and love. 

Their Christmas Wish List makes it possible for every individual to wake up with something under the tree on Christmas morning, and clients and staff in group homes gather around the dinner table each evening for food and conversation.

By creating a fundraiser to recognize your marriage, you are sharing love with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who need it most.

ADEC is a nonprofit that serves individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Elkhart and St. Joseph counties. We believe that the people we serve deserve A life of their own, complete with Dignity, Employment and Community.

Thanks to the support of people like you, ADEC helps more than 1,000 individuals discover their true potential and accomplish their dreams each year. Just to give you an idea, in 2017:
  • ADEC artists sold $11,176 in artwork, earning a paycheck and a reputation.
  • 45 children with disabilities attended ADEC's summer camp.
  • ADEC helped more than 300 individuals with disabilities find meaningful work in the community.
Thank you for supporting ADEC and adding more kindness and love into our world.